(1) Clause that the user has to bear the transport costs necessary for subsequent performance.
(2) Exemption clause in which the user can be exempted from informing the contractual partner immediately about the unavailability of the goods and immediately reimbursing the contractual partner in return. From the control according to §§ 308 f. Public contracts and contracts for public utilities (so-called services of general interest) are excluded.
b) General clause prohibitions: If the special clause prohibitions do not apply, the general terms and conditions are ineffective if they disadvantage the contractual partner of the user in an unreasonable manner (§ 307 I 1 BGB). Inappropriate disadvantage follows e.g.
(1) due to insufficient transparency of the clause (§ 307 I 2 BGB),
(2) in case of doubt from the incompatibility with an essential basic idea of ​​the legal regulation from which the clause deviates or
(3) from the restriction of essential contractual obligations so that the achievement of the contractual purpose is jeopardized (§ 307 II BGB), e.g. Gag agreement.
2. No deviation from the law: General terms and conditions that do not deviate from or supplement a statutory regulation are only invalid if there is a lack of transparency (Section 307 III 2 BGB).